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The negative effects of anxiety: Why you should avoid it all costs

Anxiety has far reaching negative effect than most people think. It can be a long term disorder characterized by fear, worrying and apprehension. Anxiety can really affect how you behave and feel. If not treated early, anxiety can lead to physical symptoms. Mild anxiety can easily be managed but severe anxiety can have serous implications on your health. Anxiety can make you be unable to function in your daily activities.

You often get into a state of worry and fear when you are about to do something that you feel is important or challenging such as an interview, test, examination etc. This type of fear is normal and it is not considered as anxiety. Fear that is characterized as anxiety is that which interferes with your ability to carry out your daily functions or sleep. Anxiety has both short term and long term effects. The short term effects of anxiety are:

1. Difficulty in swallowing

When you become a victim of severe anxiety, swallowing can turn out to be big problem. This does not happen because you have a sore throat or an infection in the mouth. This can make it really difficult to eat. This is one of the things that contribute to weight loss among people suffering from anxiety.

2. Dry mouth

The mouth of a person suffering from anxiety usually becomes very dry. This is because the glands that produce the fluids required in the mouth reduce their production. Mouth dryness usually creates a lot of discomfort.

3. Dizziness

Anxiety can cause dizziness, something that can make it really difficult for a patient to concentrate at work or in school.

4. Headaches

People suffering from this condition suffer from headaches that last for long periods of time. Pain from the headache may vary from mild severe. Painkillers can be used to suppress the headache for sometime but they will continue if their root cause is not treated. Therefore, to treat these headaches for good, anxiety has to be treated.

5. Fatigue

When you re suffering from anxiety, you will be fatigued despite having done nothing. Even when you sat down for the whole day, you will still suffer from fatigue if you are suffering from anxiety. Again, the solution here is not resting; it is treating the root cause. Deal with the anxiety first if you want to be free from fatigue.

6. Irritability

People suffering from this condition are usually highly irritable. They can be irritated even with the little things. They can be irritated by things that have never irritated them under normal circumstances.

7. Muscle aches and tension

When anxious, you will start experiencing muscle tension and aches all over the body. This symptom usually manifest itself as sharp shooting pains in different parts of the body. The pains usually last for few seconds although they may last longer sometimes.

8. Shortness of breath

This is a very common symptom among people suffering from anxiety. They will complain that they are not getting enough air despite them being a room that is properly ventilated. It’s not that they are not getting enough air; it’s the anxiety that is making them feel as if they are not getting enough air to breath.

9. Sweating

Anxiety can lead to a lot of sweating especially at night. A person suffering from anxiety can wake up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat. It may seem like water was poured on the beddings. Sweating can also take place during the day when when in a cool environment.

10. Rapid heartbeat

Anxiety is characterized by the feeling that something bad is going to happen the next minute. The fear of something bad happening usually leads to rapid heartbeats.

11. Loss of appetite

Anxiety can lead to a massive loss of appetite. A person suffering from this condition can stay the whole day without eating anything but still not feel like eating. He/she can suddenly lose interest in foods that he/she loved.

These are some of the short term effect of anxiety. Treatment should start as soon as one notices these symptoms to prevent the onset of long term effects. The long term effects of anxiety can be life threatening. They include

1. Memory loss

Some people suffering from anxiety end up losing their memory in the long run. This is because it causes damage to the hippocampus cells. These cells are responsible for learning and memory. As a result, this condition can cause early memory decline, especially in elderly patients who are suffering from anxiety or depression. This explains why, most elderly patients suffering from anxiety have trouble remembering things.

2. Stroke

When you are constantly worrying or under stress, the body is forced to release fight hormones. These hormones are meant to help you cope with the impending danger. However, if this happens for a long periods of time, it increase the risks to the heart. Research has shown that middle aged men who suffer from anxiety are 3 times more likely to suffer from fatal stroke than those who don’t suffer from anxiety.

3. Insomnia

Anxiety and insomnia usually go hand in hand. You cannot be suffering from anxiety yet get a good night sleep. You cannot suffer from insomnia and not become anxious. In other words, just as anxiety causes insomnia- insomnia can also cause anxiety. Insomnia is also classified as one of the early symptoms of anxiety.

4. High blood pressure

Prolonged anxiety can lead to high blood pressure and other problems of the circulatory system such as heart attack.

These are some of the long term effects of anxiety. There are plenty more. Anxiety is a dangerous condition that has to be treated as early as possible. Anxiety can also makes a person contemplate suicide or self harm. When you feel that anxiety is interfering with the way you carry out your daily activities, you have to do something about it before it becomes more serious. Fortunately, anxiety is something that can be treated using simple techniques. It can be treated using things such as 5HTP. You can always seek advice from your doctor before using any treatment method. Early treatment will help to save you from suffering from its long term effects.

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