The Fantastic Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

Are you aware that the human body is made up of about seventy two percent water, and that drinking a sufficient amount of water can help you evade several health problems? Read this article to find out why water is so good for your overall well-being and health.

* Water helps to keep your digestive system healthy. Actually, proper digestion and absorption of nutrients depend on a healthy intake of water. This is an overlooked benefit of drinking water. To obtain good nutritional value from the various foods you consume, you have to drink sufficient amount of clean water everyday.

* Water helps to maintain the viscosity and volume of blood. This, in turn, prevents blood thickening as well as decreases the danger of cardiovascular ailments such as heart attacks, hypertension, and so forth.

* It helps to remove toxins from the body via sweat and urination. Water is called the universal solvent because most substances (including toxic materials) dissolve in water. Thus, water is the finest agent for eliminating toxic wastes.

* If you are trying to reduce the amount of calories you eat, then water is the finest beverage for you. Drinking one or two glasses of water thirty minutes prior to each meal will make you feel fuller, even though you have not consumed any calories. Consequently, you’ll eat less food, enabling you to slim down faster.

* Drinking a sufficient quantity of water everyday will reduce your risk of getting colon cancer by forty five percent, bladder cancer by fifty percent and breast cancer by seventy five percent.

* Drinking water is vital to keeping your skin soft, supple, and moist. It is also the best way to keep your skin moisturized from the inside out. Studies have shown that drinking plenty of clean water can help delay the skin’s aging process.

* Water has natural therapeutic and healing properties. Constant regeneration of bones, hair, nails, skin, organ lining, damaged nerves, as well as several other body functions are all dependent upon a healthy consumption of clean water.

Getting Sufficient Water

You constantly utilize water, expelling it via breathing, perspiration, and excreting it via your waste. The average individual requires approximately eight to nine cups of water daily; however this is obtained from all sources, in addition to food. You obtain approximately twenty percent of your everyday water needs from the foods you consume, and the remainder from the fluids you consume. While the advice to drink eight glasses of water every day is wide spread, it is not supported by scientific proof. Generally, you should drink sufficient water so that you’re not thirsty.

Getting Clean and Pure Water

While it is essential to get sufficient quantity of water everyday, getting the appropriate types of water is also crucial. You can get lots of water by consuming foods that have high water content, such as vegetables, fruits, plus most other non-dehydrating foods. Treated and purified water, such as tap water and bottled water has undergone a process which removes contaminants and harmful pathogens.

The quality of bottled water and tap water might be quite high. Nevertheless, are you aware that it may contain some unwanted substances? Tap water is treated utilizing chlorine to get rid of harmful bacteria; however this treatment is not always one hundred percent effective. Tap water might contain varying quantities of chlorine, parasites, solids in suspension, heavy metals, waterborne viruses, organic compounds, E. coli or other potentially harmful agents. The constitution and levels of concentration will depend upon the source plus treatment procedure of the water that flows into your home.

Generally speaking, while tap water is safe to drink, it is certainly not the healthiest option available to you. You can make your drinking water purer, healthier and balanced with the aid of a water ionizer. By ionizing your water, you can preserve beneficial minerals contained in water, for example silver, carbon, copper, and zinc, whilst getting rid of all the non beneficial and even injurious compounds such as by-products of chemical compounds used in purification and disease causing microorganisms.

Drinking ionized and purified water will provide you with greater energy, a sense of overall wellbeing, relief from chronic conditions and stress, faster and easier digestion plus a range of other benefits. You can learn more about water ionizers by visiting


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Nivea Cellulite Treatment

Nivea, established in 1911, is a popular and top-performing manufacturing company. It manufactures and designs efficient skin-care products. Their cellulite program works to reduce cellulite in the skin, eliminating stretch marks and any cellulite lines.


Having cellulite does not imply that you are overweight, because thin people can also have it. An excess storage of fat within the skin layers can lead to cellulite. The skin, as a result, gets uneven and loses its elasticity. Losing weight is one of the many ways through which one can reduce cellulite, especially if are overweight. Cellulite has been reported to more common among women. If some female members of your family have cellulite, there is a high probability that you will too.

There are several factors that can affect how much cellulite you have as well as how visible it is. These include poor diets, hormone changes, total body fat, slow metabolism, dehydration, the thickness and color of your skin. There are lots of products on the market that promise to get rid of cellulite on various parts of the human body. However, only a few of them considerably work efficiently. The Nivea cellulite creams work by dissolving fat and thus smoothen the skin. Here are two of the top Nivea cellulite creams, which have been proved to deliver promising results while posing low chances of experiencing any side effects.

Nivea Skin-Firming Q10 Cellulite Gel Cream

This is one of the best Nivea skin firming products that work in order to improve the skin appearance, providing a soft and supple feeling on it. It is one of the latest innovations by scientists in the Nivea laboratories. L-Carnitine is an element naturally found in the skin that enables the conversion of excess fat into energy. Nivea makes this element available to individuals in a gel-cream. Many users have reported amazing skin-firming results within just two weeks. The cellulite then starts disappearing within just 4 weeks. Branded as the Nivea Body Good Bye Cellulite, this Nivea cellulite serum is regularly applied on the stomach, buttocks and thighs.

Nivea Skin-Firming and Toning Gel Cream

This is a smoothing and skin firming concentrated serum that works to improve the firmness of the skin within just 10 days. It is able to tone the appearance of your skin, while yet smoothening it. The cream is enriched with Natural Lotus extract, concentrated L-Carnitine and Coenzyme Q10. It has been dermatologically tested, approved and proven to give effective results. Drinking lots of water and regular exercise can supplement the cream to boost the product’s results.

How Long Do Nivea Cellulite Creams Work?

The Nivea cellulite products are one of the most effective and secure approaches you can make use of to tackle any dimpled look or stretch marks on the skin. These products work to lessen any signs of cellulite within a short time frame which is usually just a few weeks. They boost the rate of fat metabolism in the body, which in turn reduces the fat.

Their creams give a cooling effect when applied on the affected areas, tighten the skin and compress the cellulite lines to produce a smooth skin. They ought to be applied in a circular motion, once or twice a day on the skin as instructed.

L-Carnitine and Other Ingredients

This is a featured ingredient in most of the Nivea cellulite serums. This is the ingredient that causes the cooling the effect on the skin. It reduces cellulite appearance through dissolving any fat deposits on the skin of the buttocks, tummy, upper arms and thighs. It allows for effective synthesis of fat in the body, hence improving the flow of blood throughout the skin. Some of the other ingredients commonly associated with their products include:

Butylene glycol


Sodium Chloride



Alcohol denat

Nelumbo nucifera leaf extract

Benefits of Using Nivea’s Cellulite Creams

Their products come at pocket-friendly prices.

Given that their company holds a great positive reputation, their products can be trusted.

Most of their products have been tested and proved to work.

L-Carnitine has been scientifically proven to burn the excess fat in the body.

Their products give a cooling effect, hence ensuring skin relaxation.

Their products are easily available at local and online stores.


You are free to choose between the fast-acting serum and the gel cream product, or even use both of them simultaneously. Whatever your choice, it is important to apply them regularly as part of your routine guarantees better results. You can also combine with a proper diet and regular exercise to achieve the best results. Lifestyle changes, diet and exercise are essential for the success of these products.

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The Useful Ways to Use African Shea Butter

Marie Peck African shea butter has been useful since Ancient Egyptian times when Cleopatra’s an Egyptian Queen found it useful for beautifying herself naturally. Today, the butter is still useful for beautify purposes as well as medicinal ones.

This is due to the potent medicine properties and nutrients it contains that helps protect, heal and beautify the skin naturally. Where does the skin remedy come from? This naturally wonderful skin remedy is an extracted fat that comes from the African Shea Trees in West Africa. The way it is extracted from the nuts of the shea trees is by crushing the nuts with rocks or mortars and pestles.

After, the crushed nuts are roasted in large clay pots over open fire. Each pot has to be stirred constantly with wooden paddles so the butter does not become burned. Then, after roasting, the nuts are grinded again into a fine paste, which is than place into warm water basins to help the oils of the butter float to the surface of the water where they are extracted by hand and placed into more pots. These pots are placed over the fire again so the shea butter can melt down again.

By the time the entire process is done you end up with a creamy golden butter that can be useful in cooking, beautify purposes as well as medicinal ones.

How is the butter useful in cooking?

In Africa, the butter much like cocoa butter is useful for making chocolates and other sweet treats. The butter is even useful for stir-frying vegetables, fruits and meats as well as baking breads. Africans even find the butter useful for making wet rubs to help add flavor to meats and fish. The butter is extremely nourishing since it does contain omega fatty acids and antioxidants that do help protect the heart and skin from diseases and cancers. Adding shea butter to your cooking can even relieve constipation and treat stomach ulcers.

How is shea butter medicinally useful?
Do to the anti-inflammatory, emollient and humectants properties shea butter contains, it is useful when it comes to creating medicinal ointments that treat common skin conditions and wounds. Some even create a body rub with it that is useful for relieving body aches and pains as well as sore joints.

Many people find it useful as a remedy to help relieve sinusitis and nasal congestion. All you have to do is massage some of the butter around the nasal passages to enjoy the relief it can provide.

How is shea butter useful for beautifying purposes?
Shea butter is highly nourishing to the skin. It helps soften it, protect it from harsh environmental factors such as the sun as well as heals it from dryness, itchiness, flaking and cracks.

Applying the butter to the skin daily can also help prevent and reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. The butter has even been useful for treating and relieving skin conditions such as eczema. Most of the time this butter is useful for healing cracked feet, heels, toes, fingers and elbows, which are the most common areas of the body that become dried out often. The butter can even be useful as a natural hair treatment to repair split ends, heal an itchy dried out scalp and strengthen the hair so it does not become brittle and weak.

Shea butter is useful as a natural lip protector too since it helps hydrate, moisture and soften the lips back to health and beauty. End Notes for the Uses of Shea Butter When you are in need of a butter that can be useful for all kinds of purposes shea butter is one to use. It is packed full of antioxidants and nutrients that will nourish, beautify and heal the body, skin and hair naturally. Best of all, it can be purchased inexpensively through spa shops, herbal stores, wellness shops and whole food grocery stores whenever you need it.

Most importantly, it is all natural and environmental friendly, which means it, is safe for you, animals, children and the earth. There is no other butter on earth that could be more useful then this kind. So, stock up and use it for all kinds of purposes.

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Garcinia Cambogia and its Weight Loss Effects

Most people give up on their efforts to reduce weight since dieting sucks big time. For this reason, some conventional weight loss methods are marked as scams since only a few people succeed in using them. That is why you should now try the 100 pure Garcinia Cambogia extract. The extract has been approved by various health experts on its ability to reduce appetite and eventually lead to loss of weight. It all achieves this with little or without any efforts.

The Garcinia fruit is native to Indonesia and takes the looks of a small pumpkin. Its extract is made from its rind and is popular for its weight loss properties and potentials. The extract is purely natural and is more of a fat blocker than fat burner. It helps reduce the feelings of hunger leading to a low and small appetite. This is one among many other positive effects of the supplement. It, however, also has its own disadvantages.

The Garcinia Cambogia extract has revolutionized ways in which to approach weight loss. Although most people are witness to its benefits, it is not appropriate for everyone. People with conditions such pregnancy, dementia, Alzheimer, or breastfeeding mothers should avoid using the supplement.

Patients with high blood pressure problems can also use extracts from this natural plant supplement. They should, however, take caution not to use the supplement if they are using other supplements that contain stimulants. Instead of helping you get rid of your weight problems, it can worsen your high blood pressure conditions and possibly send you to an early grave.

Garcinia Cambogia also has properties that can help get rid of the bad cholesterol from the body. As much as it has the potential to protect your heart, it can use its Hydroxycitric acid to reinforce this effect. The acid takes away the pressure when on diet. Additionally, the acid has the potential to alter your rate of metabolism and result in a higher rate of burning calories. People should take note that the extract is only a fat blocker, and should not be used in place of food. The extract works well when used in combination with dieting.

Garcinia extract also contain several anti-oxidants. The oxidants are imperative in its functioning because they disrupt processes that lead to formation of fat cells and diseases. According to some rat studies, the supplement has fat-producing enzymes called citrate lyase. The enzyme inhibits the production of fats from carbohydrates. In addition, the supplement can boost your energy when in the dieting plan.

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